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Engaging with Us!

How YOU as the client can expect to work with us.

Digital Pathology Image Intake

The starting point where client-supplied digital images of tissue samples are received.

Initial Assessment and Planning

A review of the images and project requirements with the team to establish analysis parameters and objectives.

Image Processing and Analysis

Utilizing advanced algorithms and software to analyze the images, focusing on specific markers and tissue characteristics as per the study's requirements.

Pathologist-supervised classification

At various stages, pathologists will provide insight into cellular classification or structural segmentations. These inputs will be used for downstream analysis to ensure accuracy, provide clinical insights, and guide further analysis.

Data Extraction and Compilation

Extraction of quantitative data from the images, compiling it into structured formats for further analysis.

Insight Generation

Analysis of compiled data to derive meaningful insights, such as studying tissue microenvironments or the effects of novel therapies.

Report Preparation

Assembling the insights, figures, and tabular data into a comprehensive, publication-ready report.

Delivery to Client

The final step where the report and any relevant raw data are delivered to the client, providing them with actionable insights for their research or clinical applications.

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