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From Images to Insights

Spatial biology images to measurable and actionable insights

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen aims to empower researchers in pharmaceuticals and academia with cutting-edge computational tools for comprehensive analysis of digital pathology images, facilitating the transition from raw data to actionable insights in the pursuit of advancing biomedical research and development.

The Pathomics Insights Engine

Our team has built tools that convert biological images into the results needed by scientists. We have 10+ years of experience serving clients in this market, and as scientists ourselves, know how to navigate the challenges faced and deliver results.



Simplify data for researchers, illustrating the impact of new drug compounds on diseases



Predict the type of disease from subtle features present in the image itself


Deliver cell counts in minutes that would have taken hours to count

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Quantitative Digital Pathology Analysis

Do you face challenges extracting quantitative results and processing them to explainable outcomes  from your spatial biology experiments such as digital pathology images, multiplex immunohistochemistry, spatial transcriptomics or multi-omics datasets?


Our team has more than 10 years of experience delivering impactful spatial biology results from these datasets, as evidenced by our list of 50+ peer-reviewed and high impact publications in collaboration with academics and industry worldwide. (Maybe QR code)


Utilizing hot-off-the-press open-source tools, including customized post-processing for visualization and interrogation of data, alongside our deep understanding and extensive experience across disease and experimental indications, we are confident that we can deliver the analytical results you need for your research study or clinical trial.

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Not satisfied with your current image and data analysis solutions?

We understand - we’ve worked with most of them! Let us help you extract your data, annotations and segmentations from these expensive, proprietary analysis tools that don’t satisfy your expectations. With our expertise, we can provide analytical results with greater accuracy, clear and precise methodologies, and valuable insights in a timely manner.

High quality, validated results

We make it easy to incorporate pathologist feedback into our analytical process, ensuring confidence in the reliability and interpretation of your results. We offer the ability to directly test multiple cell segmentation methodologies, ensuring you get the right answers to address your scientific questions.

The promise of spatial biology…realized

Biomarker intensities and percent positivity are only the start of what can be extracted from spatial omics datasets. We can analyze cellular neighborhoods, tissue classifiers and spatial relationships within those tissues, plus numerous spatial features that are embedded in each image.   Identifying spatial features in your datasets can massively improve the accuracy of disease classifiers and provide a wealth of additional insights previously hidden in overly simplistic analysis methods.

Let’s discuss your analytical needs today!

We look forward to discussing your analytical challenges, and how our solutions can help deliver the insights to drive your translational research forward!

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